This website will teach you how to finish your basement on your own.

Are you thinking about finishing your basement? Are you thinking of doing it yourself (you can !). Are you thinking of hiring a contractor for some or all of the construction phases? Do you think renovating a basement will be too expensive? Are you wondering how to finish a basement? Did you start to finish it but get stuck in a rut? This is the site for you.

This site will walk you through the key stages of finishing off your basement.  I know them inside and out because I finished my basement on my own last year.   I did the framing, electrical, plumbing, pulled permits, handled inspections and managed the contractors that I hired to do the drywall and rough-in plumbing.

While I will have some step by step article to post here I don’t intend for this site to be the end all resource for exactly how to do the different trades.  I strongly believe that a book, even 2 or 3 books, per topic is the only way to grasp it.  My books have saw dust, coffee, paint and the occasional blood drop on them because they were sitting right next to me while I framing walls, wiring sockets, and tiling floors.

What I hope to provide for you here is the “heads up” information.  The little tips and reminders that most books don’t include because they don’t know they exist!  Professional books are written by professional contractors (which is why you need to read them) and professionals often forget what it’s like for a newbie to be using a tool for the very first time.

Besides tips and background knowledge I hope this site also saves you a lot of time and a lot of money.   You are already going to save money if you decide to build out some or even a part of your basement yourself.  But I probably spent an extra $1,000 to $1,500 dollars that I didn’t need to just because I didn’t know some basic things.

I’m so glad you found the site.  I hope you find it useful.   I’m super amped to bring you this information because I am passionate about home improvement – especially basement finishing projects.  There are so many benefits beyond the new space you’ll create and the money you’ll save.  I’m excited to here your questions and ideas, please feel free to email me directly or leave a comment!

I’ll see you in the Basement!

Cheers -

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Ps. I hope this will be a community site where people can share pictures of the on-going basement renovations and glamour shots and stories of the finished product.  Please share your pictures and stories!

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