2 Snow Shoveling Hacks - My Entire Driveway and Sidewalk in 4 mins 47 secs (video)

extra wide snow shovel

Look. This beast ain't cheap. But neither is my time. It's been through 4 Virginia winters and is still in perfect shape.

To finish your basement by yourself you need a lot of one thing.  Time.  I've got 2 hacks and a video below to help you create some more time.

Saving time on everyday household chores is hobby of mine.  I'm constantly analyzing stuff that I have to do and figuring out ways to do it faster, better or less frequently.  (yup, hand raised, I'm kinda lame like that)

Enter... snow shoveling. 

You get exercise which is good. You get outside in the cold which is good, usually.  (did you know you lose more weight working out in colder weather?)  Plus, you get the satisfaction of having a nice clear driveway and sidewalk.

What isn't so fun is having to shovel for 30 minutes before going to work at 6 AM. 

Do you guys get up at 6?  I usually do, but I'm a morning person.  10pm bed for me is just fine. The second my eyes open in the morning, I have to get out of bed.

Hack #1 - Buy a Really Wide Shovel

Most snow storms are just a couple of inches. Get yourself a 36" wide shovel like this one and just push it away. If it's snowing a lot, like 6 or more inches.  Go out for 5 minutes, each hour.

Here's a short video of me and my super wide snow pusher.

 Hack #2 - Get Your Wife to Shovel

Here's the best part.  My wife, Jenn, loves using this shovel.  Regular snow shoveling, forget it. No chance. Pushing this guy around, she'll do that all day. To her it's basically just walking with a little resistance thrown in. BONUS!

It's kind of like painting. There's always that one person who never wants to tape or cut-in at the edges. They just want to roll on the middle.  They want easy combined with immediate and dramatic results.

With this shovel, that's what you get.

Do you have any awesome snow clearing tips?

Don't even comment with "snow blower" or "snow thrower". Look, they're cool, I'll grant you that.  And, when I'm old, I'll probably buy one, cause I'll be scared to drop dead of a heart attack from shoveling.

But for now, I can do without the loud noise, gas, storage, and general lack of exercise.

how to finish a basement JasonSo if you have any other natural, organic snow clearing hacks, share them in the comments below.  "Gimme, gimme, gimme. I need I need I need!"

Cheers -



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  1. MKEngineer says

    That's cute. I live in Wisconsin where we get more than 1/4" of snow at a time, and that thing would be about as useful as an asshole on your elbow. But hey, I'm the idiot who lives in a place where it's not uncommon to hit single digit temperatures in the winter.

    • says

      Elbow asshole actually would give you a lot more options for bathroom design. Yes, we don't get as much snow as Wisconsin. This shovel works best on about 5" of snow or less. - Jason

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