Inflatable Mattress Nirvana - 7 Must Have Features in Your Next Air Bed

A really good inflatable mattress means a good nights sleep. A bad one could mean you're waking up in the middle of the night, sweating profusely, grasping your father in law's leg.

More on that "fun" story in a minute...

[Update November - 2015 : This inflatable air mattress is still going strong, LOVE it!]

Last year we were headed to the beach for a week and we needed an air bed for Christian and Cameron (8 and 6 yrs old). I was determined to get the best air bed possible. 

So I fired up my best googling skills and got busy. After 3 days of research (yup, I'm a little crazy like that) here's what it basically boils down to.

7 Must Haves when Buying an Inflatable Mattress