The best Christmas Tree Stand Ever, in the whole world.

Christmas tree stand worst everYou know what sucks?

Christmas tree stands.

[unless you have the one I bought 4 years ago]

There seems to be about 100 different types and they all stink.

That kind with the screws?  Seriously? I'm supposed to hold the tree up with 5 big screws - what is this, the dark ages?

Some tree stands are good at holding the tree but their base is to light. Hey, I've got little kids. Little kids like to grab onto branches. I can't have a tree falling on my kid's head!  Do you know how much yelling I would hear from Jenn if a tree, that I put up, fell on Cameron's head!  It could would ruin Christmas.

Then there's the whole "is the tree straight" debacle.  It better be, because I'm not undoing all those screws. It's pointless to adjust it. One year I just put some cardboard under one side to compensate for my bad screw job.

Finally, the watering. I hate dead dry Christmas trees and I hate watering. Not a good combo. Why do tree stands seem to only hold about 2 days worth of water. Insert sarcasm voice here:  "Hey it's Christmas… let's spend every other night on the floor, under a tree, hoping I don't spill water on the hard wood floor.  Hurrraay!!!"

So where is all this going?  Are you ready for this.  For the last 4 years I haven't had any of these problems.  None. I found the perfect Christmas tree stand.


krinner christmas tree stand

It really is this easy to use this Christmas tree stand, even if you're wearing your fancy red party shoes while you're doing it. -Jason

The Krinner Christmas Tree stand is the Apple iPhone of tree stands.

It's built perfectly.

It works perfectly.

They've thought of everything.

Top 3 Reasons to get a Krinner Christmas Tree Stand

  1. The best part is the tree holding "claws"
    You put the tree in and you push the lever with your foot until the tree is holding tight.  Didn't get it straight?  No problem, just release claws, reposition and re-tighten.  Takes me 5 minutes max to set the tree.
  2. The base is heavy and wide.
    Your big ass seasonal tree will not fall on your kid, even if they try to climb it!
  3. The Krinner Christmas tree stand holds a lot of water!
    The new version holds 2.5 gallons. That's GALLONS people.  We have our tree up for about 30 days. I'd guess I put water in the tree twice.  2 times.  That's it.

Yes, it is a little pricey.  But for me, it was a great purchase. Sometimes I think the best moment of the season is getting that tree up with no issues. Plus, if you have Amazon Prime, it's free two-day shipping.

chistmas tree stand krinner

basement finishing jason 205I guess that's just the super Husband/Dad in me. It's one less hassle I have to worry about. More time to drink eggnog in my leather chair by the fire.

Going on 5 years, I highly recommend the Krinner Christmas Tree stand.  I have the Genie L version, the Krinner Genie XXL looks just as good.


Cheers - Jason

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  1. Courtney says

    That’s an awesome tree stand. I just bought an antique decorative cast iron tree stand. Let me tell you that sucker isn’t gonna topple over either but it has screws… I’m hoping it works out well because it’s beautiful and I hate the cheapo standard tree stands. If it doesn’t work out this year with the cast iron one then I know what to buy next!!!

    • says

      Courtney – I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous thinking about an antique old timey Christmas Tree Stand. You had me at cast iron. But then of course, we usually cover ours up with a big red tree skirt, which also looks cool. Still, I love old heavy things. Have a great Christmas! – Jason

  2. Judy says

    Hi… I read some reviews on this tree stand. Most gave it 5 stars–best tree stand ever; but the ones who gave it only 1 star had serious issues that would make it the worst tree stand ever. A couple people said it leaked; just emptied the reservoir all over the floor. 2 or 3 others said the tree fell i the middle of the night; either the cable or the claws gave out, not sure which. And of course when it fell the water dumped out all over the floor. Do you have any idea why this would happen and what the chances are of it happening to other people (me!).

    • says

      Good morning Judy – There’s always some one with a one star isn’t there. I can only share my own experience, which has been wonderful. No sign of a leak what so ever. I can’t believe the cable would give out, that thing is insanely tough.

      I’ve had this Krinner tree stand for 6 years now without the slightest hint of an issue. I do take care of it, as everyone should, I keep it inside during the off-season so it doesn’t freeze and I spray some WD-40 on the metal parts to prevent any rust or corrosion. It’s a top-selling and highly rated Christmas tree stand – if you find one at least 100 reviews and 5 perfect stars…. let me know! Cheers – Jason

    • says

      Dang Berry, you’re on top of it. I’m going to update the post. I just love odd numbers I guess. 4 screws doesn’t sound that bad, but 5, now that’s just weird. – Jason

  3. says

    Just came back from Costco where we got our tree for $29 including tax! The tree is just as good as our $65 dollar tree we bought last year from the nursery. They only have 7-8 foot Fraser Furs. So if you want another type or a different size, you maybe SOL. 7-8 feet fits perfectly with our 9′ ceilings.

    I know, Costco is a huge multi-national company that can price out the little guys, but you know what – $29 for a great tree is too good of a deal to pass up. – Jason

  4. Claudette says

    Hi, I am in desparate need of a tree stand. We bought a huge tree this year with a trunk base of 7″ and the stand we bought was super crappy. I found your blog in a search for a good tree stand… The question I have is, the Large holds up to a 7″ tree trunk base and so does the XXL…you wouldn’t by chance know exactly what the difference is, would you? I really need to order the stand ASAP and the Large comes on Tuesday via Amazon Prime…however, the XXL comes btwn 11 – 16 and I kinda need it ASAP. Do you think the large is good enough. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s about 8 ft with a 7″ base. Any help would be appreciated!

    • says

      Hi Claudette – The real clincher is the height of your Christmas tree. I think the large will hold your 7″ diameter trunk but if the tree is 10 feet tall or higher then you’ll need the Krinner XXL. If there’s an Ace Hardware you might try there, they sell them. – Jason

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