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  1. Robert Ambriz says

    Jason, thanks for all the support and documentation, I've been kicking around finishing up my basement and you basically convinced me to get started...I'm not a contractor, but somewhat of a handyman. I always planned to do the basement, but never got around to it, your comments hit home with me, and I purchased your book. I'm going to finish my basement!
    Rob Ambriz

  2. Raymond Kennedy says


    Just want to thank you for your awesome book that was full of confidence. That's what your book did for me--gave me tons of confidence that I could finish my basement. Back in November 2013 when I started, I had never built a wall or used any of the tools you suggested in the book. But I had confident I could do it.

    So I set out to finish our 1350 Sq Ft basement. Went through the permit process and off we went.

    The one thing I so appreciated about your book was that I needed every tool you recommended.

    In a week or so, I will get my final inspection.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!


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