This page is not really about basements per say. Every once in awhile I have an idea, process or a product that must be shared. I'm going to store all of those right here.  Leave a comment below if you have a great product / process / story.

dehumidifier with a hose hookupBASEMENT DEHUMIDIFIERS

You probably need one, so you might as well get a really good one. I bled over this article for 2 days during Christmas break so you better read it! Or maybe you like the moist moldy smell of a basement?

5 Things You should know before you buy. Plus, exactly which basement dehumidifier I recommend. Get Your Learnin' on here.

air filter tips and discounts


I'll be honest, this is a super boring article. But... it will save you some money and some time. I cover how to get them for 40% off. How to just buy them once every 3 years.

Plus, a dead obvious trick about to do if you buy the wrong size... like I did (twice)! Read it here.

Christmas tree stand worst ever


Soooo... a little secret about my wife (Jenn) and I... we used to get in huge fights over of putting up the Christmas tree.  What?  You too?  It's because "traditional" tree stands suck!

Don't even get me started about watering the tree. Let's just say I was not the best Dad one year.  That all changed about 4 years ago.  I finally found a tree stand that works. There's a video, check it out.

Inflatable Mattress fit for a kingAir Beds, (Inflatable Mattress)

I had what many would agree is the most embarrassing experience ever on an air mattress.  From that day forward I've been on a quest of sorts to find the perfect inflatable bed. 

There are 7 key features that every air mattress needs to have. If you ever have guests at your house or need an extra bed when your on vacation - you have to read this review plus the rest of my crazy story.

thumb snow shovelingSNOW SHOVELING

There are very few life hacks I've come across that make smile more than this one. Impress your neighbors, save hours of time, save your back... the benefits are endless. Well, almost endless, it is just snow shoveling. I recorded a video, check it out.

basement life - raccoons


What if I told you this article could save your life?  What if I said that a REAL fireman emailed me after he read and said "Thank you for posting this, you don't even know."

Finally, what if I said you could quite your loud-ass washing machine on the second floor for about $8. You would say "Show it to me!"

basement life - raccoons


So this one isn't a tip or a product this is just a crazy and true story about a family of raccoons to decide to come into our basement after I spent 2 weekends installing a cat door.

Yes, they can fit, even the little tiny cat doors. Read about my dreams of creating my own coon skin hat. 

leatherman skeletool cx multitool review


Dads are notoriously hard to buy for. I take that back. Dad's are easy to buy for but it's hard to get something that he'll really, really like.

Something that 4, 5, 6 years later he's still like - dang, that was a good gift. This article has three ideas that I've given or gotten and loved.  Read it here.

how to finish a basement Jason

I'd really like to hear from some of you guys - what are some tips / tricks / stories and products that are just part of life?

Cheers - Jason

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