Choosing Paint Colors for Your Finished Basement

finished basement paint color selectionI found a great little paint color blog that I think you guys might like.

I wish I could say I love the paint colors I chose for my finished basement but the fact is... I'm not sure yet.

I have a lot of green, orange and maroon.  It feels a bit dark.  But, I haven't put in the all of the trim on yet and that can make a huge difference.

Plus there's still a huge swath of lighter color carpet that has to go in.  So I'm not repainting just yet.  I do love the bathroom blue that I picked out so that room at least is a lock.

The blog is called Favorite Paint Colors Blog.   Easy enough to remember right.

This site, by Kristin Williams, let's users submit pictures of rooms they've painted with various brands of popular paint.  You can also browse for different pictures by base color, popular combination or by room.

Paint Color Ideas For Your Finished Basement

Looking for great paint ideas for your finished basement? Check out this great website where people submit their favorite combinations.

I love this site!  Great job Kristin, keep up the good work. Great site idea.

If you need some inspiration for your finished basement or your house in general, this website beats holding up small paint chip samples hands down.

basement finishing jason 205

I you think you've got the perfect color combo, submit it to Kristin's site and then ping us with a link over here in the comments.




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