How to get more light from those tiny basement windows.

I've been blogging about basements, basement ideas and basement finishing for more than a year now and I thought I'd seen everything.

My basement ideas Pinterest page has 30+ boards and over 240 pins, but I've never seen this done.

Big props to Tony for sharing this idea and the photos - this is his handy work. Nicely done sir!

Angled Basement Window Design Idea

So in a nut shell what Tony did was drywall the bottom of his basement windows at an angle. This let's more light down into the room and gives the visual illusion of having a bigger window.

Here's what it looks like just after drywall:

angled drywalled basement window idea

Here's how he framed it:

angled basement window idea - framing

Peacock Those  Tiny Basement Windows

Have you ever heard of this term? Peacocking? It's when you put a bunch of flare on something to make it stand out. You add something to make something else look bigger and better than it actually is. Like a peacock using his fancy pants feathers to get attention.

To peacock your basement windows, try trimming them out. That is, installing trim around them. Do the angled idea like the photos above and then add some trim. Like this:

basement idea - framed window


Is that a great basement idea or what? Trim out this window idea just like a regular boxed window. Once it's all painted it should look awesome.

If you have a cool basement idea - please email a photo at ''.

Cheers  - Jason


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  1. Sonya says do the angles window drywall, do you have a put a nailer right below the window to attach the top of the drywall to? Like a 1x2 or something? I understand everything else about the angled drywall idea. I already framed it normally, and have the vapor barrier in, but think I might take it out partially to try this before I drywall, cause there is only one tiny window in a large family room.

    Also, suggestions- my basement ceiling is going to be really close to my window, so if I trim the window out with large trim, I won't be able to do that at the top. IN fact I dontl know if I will have room for any trim at the top. Suggestions so that is doesn't look too weird?

    • Nathan says

      Great question Sonja - what did you end up deciding to do? I'm getting ready to frame up walls in my basement and will definitely be incorporating this idea into my design, but had the same thought as the photos above I'm not seeing any screws at the top of the angled piece of drywall so it wouldn't appear they framed anything there? I'm also wondering what it would look like to flare the sides as well - I don't have 2 windows side by side like he does so I can consider doing that as well...

  2. Teresa says

    I love the way the angle looks nice and big but I also want the window ledge to set things like small pants... Could this work together?

    • says

      Plant pots with magnets? You could install a level ledge for your pots onto the angled ledge. You could hang the plants from the top... otherwise no; stupid gravity. - Jason

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